Fall Of Minerva

by Fall Of Minerva

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released January 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Fall Of Minerva Vicenza, Italy

Debut album 'Portraits' OUT NOW via Basick Records and OverDrive.

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Track Name: Sievert
Here we go, the day has come, the doors are wide open.
So come on, we are here, so come on, we are here.
The time has come for us to open up wide our eyes today we can' t falter anymore.
And if we wait we' ll never know
Like fighters, like fighters, like fighters..
Like fighters we go on and we hold out to the last, please don't give up.
A whole nation is silently crying out in front of our eyes, but there's still people that's too blind to see.
No one on earth should live only for himself, especially those who hold the reins, the reins of our fate.
It' s up to us, now.
Let' s bring to an end this...Let' s bring to an end this cycle.. Bring it to an end
Bring it to an end...it's over. Bring it to an end...it's over...bring it to an end...it's over.
How anyone try to sell our future to the highest tenderer?
How can you live like you' re foreigners in your own land?
In a land where everybody seems to want to steal away our rights we eventually stood up.
If this day won't be the glorious one in which our voices will be a roar made up of disapproval, we’ ll be the
ones left to see the world rotting with our own eyes.
Track Name: Final Breath Before The Void
I'm feeling the shivers down your spine and your skin slowly consuming.
It's me, it's me here outside, it's me wrenching the thread that binds me to you.
And you know this is for you. You know…
It will be just like this that you'll show me the worst of you.
You won't say "It's not my fault"
You won't say "It's not my fault"
I'll have all your faults and sins in front of me, I'll see your sores cause you'll once again show them to me
with neither shame nor pity.
These are the words written in blood running through my veins.
I must set myself free, cause I'm the one done for.
You would deserve to feel the way I do
but I can't let you carry on with this game.
But I won't lose control this time.
All you caused will pulse to the sound of my heartbeat
and I know I'll have my revenge,
I won't let this lack turn to hate,
I won't feed myself with tormenting thoughts,
I won't fill the void you left with regrets.
Track Name: The Deluded Path
Lighting up another cigarette,
knowing and swearing to myself this is gonna be the very last one.
I’m setting myself free from my prison, what about yours?
What about yours?
Your soul covered in dirt bleeding thoughts.
I wonder how can you still not hate all this disease? Tell me....
And since you once told me we were brothers now my brother be strong, ‘cause I know
every mistake you make is filling your lungs and dragging you closer to the end and you’ re giving up
Isn’t this enough this time? Why do you keep sinking so low?
How can you forget about us? I can’ t accept you wanting to die
Devastated, still can’t see
I’m not reaching you.
Hopeless cowards know what it’ s right and don’t do it in any case.
Hopeless cowards know what it’ s right and don’t do it in any case…my friend.