by Fall Of Minerva

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released October 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Fall Of Minerva Vicenza, Italy

Debut album 'Portraits' OUT NOW via Basick Records and OverDrive.

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Track Name: The Weaknesses Of A Coward
Time seems to have stopped and demons in far corners of my mind come back and haunt me, when nowhere and nothing seems to be safe and impulses are lying dead I realise attempt is vain.
Life is a waterfall that sweeps you away, no matter how hard you try to cling onto what you know, and I demand myself to withstand and fight back.
Show me your false concerned faces and tell me you really hope things will get better and then get back to what you know best
Play rough as you always did, pretending to feel pity for us and keep running us down
We cannot know what thoughts we will weave
but be sure that sooner or later who that wants us dead will be crushed
Shame on you.
Track Name: We' re Not Allowed To Think Of Us
We both know what we are hiding, cause I can't reach your lips when I'm looking for answers. It's not time to lie to ourselves,pretending not to understand
This emptiness was the choice you didn't want to make,for you've looked at these waves and you've been too scared to dive into the waters.
It was too dark to make you feel like that one was the right path to follow.
Now I would only hope this sea could calm down and that tides could bring us back what we' ve lost in all this time gone by
The pain must die down,we have to live again.
There's a rope I have to sever,for I will never be able to run away when time will be hanging over us
Some day silence will come back again with its brambles in which we're trapped in will stop digging themselves always deeper in our flesh.
Track Name: The Lingering Agony Of An Exhausted Soul
Staring at my reflection in the mirror I see the years marking my face
That lingering craving for knowing more never leaves me in these days. I’ve dug deep into my past, I often came across my anger
What have you left behind in all this time gone by? What were you expecting from this surrender? Surrender
My intuition is not catching me by surprise as it used to,
I’ve got no one to save
I’ve thrown my self esteem in a pitch dark lost place
My sanity to vile people
My heart I lost, shivering in the coldest winter night.
Running towards the inevitable,out of breath to go on

Absorbed by this thirst of life we forgot the promises we made, turning our doubts into fears, losing our grasp on reality
There is a war inside of me, no one has won yet.
No one has won yet.
Track Name: What Dreams May Come
Can you remember our cold Sundays?
You used to hope it would snow heavily so that I could stay.
Everytime I left from that train station, I used to tell you I was leaving you a piece of my heart for you to keep
You used to tell me I always had a bit of yours with me.
Now I recall all the places we’ve been to they' re fading away and I realise I never caught their beauty.
We knew this would eventually happen one day, and, as you asked me to fight not to lose what we had, I never backed down, I never gave up.
I won’t be waking up in the middle of the night,
anguished, hold down by a dense blanket of regrets.

Remember our promises, I never gave up.

I wore the hoodie that I gave you to keep you warm until it totally lost your scent, as I will now sing these words to you until they lose their meaning someday.